- Go to pasture ( west gate of bree, west, nw, pasture)

- Kill wolf and get wolf's tooth

- Trade tooth to shepherd for the gate key

- unlock gate gate , go gate,k ill villager's ghosts for amber scroll (other mobs as aristocrat or scribes can drop

this scroll too)

- go to hut , open sl ,go sl

- trade amber scroll to eald , get very old key

- unlock trap very, open tra, go tra, go ha, unlock safe very, open safe, go safe, take scroll safe,

- last step : ask a mage to study with u, hold scroll , study scroll *nameofthemage*


- Kill Guido to get a Purple Wand (3x north on the spot that seasoned veteran waits on leviathan way, e,

go c)(instead you can grab one from the chest in shop in s,w of clinic)

- trade Purple Wand to igors bro ( west gate of bree,w,3x sw,s,s .( caution you will fall into a trap, you must not have fly or levitate on or you will just walk over the trap) for purple parchment.

-go to queen moren ( bree east gate, all e,ne,se,e,s,s,go b,n,u (idril)(need fly after this point)s,w

-trade purple queen for purple scroll

-study scroll with a mage


- kill sailor and get seaweed

- trade seaweed to turtle (bree east gate,e,all s,e,go pond,go pond) for scroll

- study scroll with a mage


-Get a Silver Key from a hippie

-kill Damaged Skeleton ( on leviathan way, 1west of seasonedveteran, gate(locked - Silver Key ),door(locked),w,n,n,open d,go d) for cracked skull

-trade skull snar ( shoppe in crosgerim street in breet, counter) for an item

-trade that item prucillla (in tharbad n gate, all s,w,go d(day only )) for an item

-trade that item snar ( shoppe in crosgerim street in breet, counter) for the scroll

-study scroll with a mage

Detect Magic

- trade book of knowladge (e.g. from starting point on creation or after death) to Veristria the Librarian (4x n from clinic,go uni,se,e,e) for key

- unlock trap key,open tra,go tra, take red scroll

- study scroll with a mage


- take sealed papers ( 4x n from clinic,go uni,e,n,e,go of,go d( locked- copper key drops from secretaries)

- trade papers to thoringil (shrine on leviathan way, go g,open w,go w) for confidential papers

- trade confidential papers to Jahred (same place where you got sealed papers) for sienna scroll

-study sienna scroll with a mage


- Kill secretaries in university for feather duster

- Trade the Veristria the Librarian the feather duster and she will give you the tattered scroll.

-study scroll with a mage


- Get a spyglass from a sailor or other mobs - Trade spyglass with Veristria for a Prism

- Trade prism with Erech (e n n from university entrance)


- Kill Manager Mulloy in the house west of the ugly kid pond, outside Bree


- In the sewers by the drainage ditch, you need d-i

- Go board from the boarded passage

- Kill the monster get the kelp necklace

- Trade the necklace with the trader on the boat in the ithil river, for a tomb key

- Use the tomb key to open the gates. go e e e, w, d, e, e, e and you should be in a chamber of orc kings

- Go ne, go sarcophagus

- Kill aggro sewer orc mummy (tough guy, but stunnable)

- drop all items, go hole, get mauve


- Go to Spindril's castle. Likely a bug, but it's south of Esgaroth's Southern Gate a few rooms, go up/go cloud

- Kill Roc a few times. He drops a wand but eventually a feather that can be studied and gives quest experience


- Kill transulcent blob at Spindrils for decomposed hands

- Trade hand with Shagrat for Iron key to Vault Room

- Go to vault room. Need d-i for vault exit. Unlock with key, Pick up hirluin statue, trade with queen Moren


- Kill displacer beast (west, go clearing, from hirluin's statue)

- trade displacer beast fur with Tellia the Witch in Spindril's Castle


- From Ixell's Construction site, you can find the path with warrior bards to the Mayor's Mansion

- You need a dungeon key dropped by 'something' (go curtain from Denethore). This is a hidden drop

- From the jailed minstrel, go niche, and get the hidden magical musical score (1000 exp)

Detect Relic

- Kill Ixell to get an ancient lyre

- Trade the lyre with Prucilla

- Ask Prucilla about the pouch, she tells you to trade it with Tellia the Witch in Spindril's Castle


- Get Faded Map from Cartographers in Eugene's Dungeon (can enter from nw corner of Bree)

- Trade Faded Map with Eald for Book of Ancient Elven Tongues

- Trade Book with Lodz in the Library of Esgaroth for key to Sign Exit

- Go Sign/Kill Glador (Level 12 restriction)


- Kill Smaug....


Kill gofimbul (near hill giants) for the arkenstone. Go to Erebor (town northwest of Esgaroth [Parth]). Use arkenstone to unlock door to shade of Thrain in Erebor. Kill Thrain



Big Keg

- Trade Golden Mug (Branco Drop) to Igor's Illegitimate Brother for Big Red Key

- Kill Big Papa and go to secret exit to get Big Keg (Quest)

Big Boulder

- From North Fork Road, Go to the Hill Giant King, Grombor

- Kill Hill Giants first, then Grombor

- Pick up Big Boulder